Issue 60, 25th Jan 2006 
Confused Mammal With Large Blowhole Goes Astray,
Cheney Visits Iraq
By Lee Camp

ENGLAND – A large, overweight whale went astray last week, causing much chaos and havoc as it spouted off at the blowhole.
In related news, Vice President Cheney visited Iraq last week. Both the whale and Cheney visited areas they weren't welcome. Both enormous, oversized mammals were confused, and far from what could be considered a rational course.
Although the British whale only propelled water and air out of its blowhole, Cheney's blowhole spewed nonsense, greed, and irrational arguments.

Even though the two wayward whales had similar journeys, their stories ended very differently. The British whale died while countless people tried to get it back on path. The American whale caused the death of countless people while it continued to go farther and farther astray.

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