Issue 54, 7th Nov 2005 
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Prince Charles, Camilla Attempt To Visit U.S., Instead Shipped To CIA 'Black Prison'
Prince Charles and Camilla had planned to make their first visit to the United States as a couple this week.
Instead they now find themselves in one of the CIA's "black prisons" hidden somewhere in Pakistan. >>>

Tank of Gas Now More Expensive Than Many Cars
The Associated Press reported Wednesday that a tank of gas in at least 13 U.S. states is now more expensive than many cars. We did some further research and found that sure enough this week Dave Bohart of Los Angeles filled up his Hummer 2 for $98.83. On the same day Al Jensen of Montgomery, AL sold his 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass for $94.72, which included a quarter tank of gas. >>>

Are People Necessary?
New York – Following hot on the heels of her book ''Are Men Necessary?" is New York Times op-ed columnist Maureen Dowd’s follow-up tome titled “Are People Necessary?” in which the current reigning diva of pop fluff advances the theory that most peoples’ problems result from the mere fact that, well, there are people.>>>

French Minister Sarkozy Performs
Miracle On National TV
Nicolas Sarkozy, the much-criticised French Interior minister last week performed a miracle, live on national TV.
After some minor unrest in a suburb of Paris following the “accidental” deaths of two North-African youths pursued by the police, Sarkozy renowned for his fiery words and lack of action appeared on national TV.
“These inner cities are full of yobs and thieves,” he told the nation. “None of these inner cities areas are safe to live in. They need cleansing.”
And thus it was so. >>>

Dem's Demand Secret Session – GOP Accuses Them Of Acting Like Republicans
WASHINGTON – Harry Reid and the rest of the Democrats angrily demanded a rare closed session of the senate Tuesday in order to discuss why the investigation into the failure of the pre-war intelligence has been impeded.>>>

Majority Of U.S. Still Thinks Scooter Libby Is What Cheney Rides To Work On
WASHINGTON – Even though Vice President Cheney's former Chief of Staff Scooter Libby was indicted this week for lying to investigators, a new poll shows that most of America still thinks Scooter Libby is the vehicle that Dick Cheney rides to work. Libby was the only man indicted in the investigation into who at the White House leaked the name of CIA agent Valerie Plame. >>>

Blair Says New-Labour Transformation Now Complete

By Lolo Laroche

LONDON - Tony Blair yesterday hinted that his resignation could be sooner rather than later when he told the press that his transformation of the UK Labour party is now complete.

Considered unelectable by many before Tony Blair’s appearance, the UK labour party was a bastion of left wing ideals, largely controlled by the unions and running a high tax welfare state economy.

Tony Blair is the man largely credited with the transformation of the party from an unelectable mess to the modern image conscious party of the nineties.

Many however have been surprised by just how far Blair has gone in moving the party to the right. So much has the UK labour party changed that many claim that it is now situated slightly to the right of the country’s anti-European Conservative party.

Over the last week, Blair who has often denied being a secret right-winger, has given up any pretence of differentiation between himself and the Iron Lady, requesting a new generation of nuclear power stations, a 12 billion pound update of Britain’s nuclear weaponry, and pushing for welfare cuts to Britain’s poorest population, (the unemployed disabled) to pay for it all.

Many political commentators believe that his appearance outside downing street yesterday wearing Margaret Thatcher’s trademark blue twin set and one of her favourite blonde wigs, was proof, if not that he is about to resign, at least that he has truly lost the plot.

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