Issue 50, Hurricane Katrina Special, 5th Sept, 2005

White House Explains Slow Response To Katrina – Bush Finishing Up 'My Pet Goat'
By Lee Camp

Washington D.C. – The Bush Administration has been highly criticized for not responding quickly enough to the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans.

Yesterday, the White House put out a statement finally giving a reason for their delayed response – Bush was finishing up his favorite book, "My Pet Goat."

White House Press Secretary Scot McClellan said that the President cannot be expected to respond to every little apocalyptic disaster that happens in America.

Furthermore, he reiterated that "My Pet Goat" is President Bush's most beloved book and cannot be interrupted unless the situation is truly dire. McClellan concluded by stating, "We do apologize that it took the President a full four days to complete the book, but it is one of the most difficult first grade level books."