Issue 17, Tuesday March 30th 2004
UK Conservatives offer progressive gay agenda

The UK Conservative party, in a desperate attempt to prove themselves more progressive than New Labour on social issues yesterday presented a radical new agenda for Gay men and Lesbians within the UK.
The policy review, a direct response to New Labour’s plans to introduce gay marriages within the next year were presented to the press by the party’s spokesman on LGTB (Lesbian, Gay, Trans-Gender and Bisexual) affairs, Anne Widdecombe.
“The Conservative Gay Policy review shows that we are a modern forward looking party.” Anne Widdecombe told BIGfib.
The choice of Widdecombe as policy spokesman was seen in itself to be a huge move forward for the Conservatives. Widdecombe who is an ex-Gay man who has changed sex in order to become a Transgendered Lesbian is one of very few UK citizens to fulfill all criteria of all LGTB categories.

Under the policy review, the compulsory burning of books containing gay characters is to be made voluntary whilst pillars of Conservative policy towards the gay community: forced electro-shocks for Gay men and out-of-town stoning of Lesbian women are to be suspended for a six month test period.
However Peter Touchall of the Stonewall Gay rights movement told BIGfib that the policy change was “Unlikely to go far enough to make the gay community swing.”

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