Issue 17, Tuesday March 30th 2004

Rice says nothing to hide and nothing to say.
National security adviser Condoleezza Rice says that she "has nothing to hide" from the independent commission investigating the September 11 attacks, and justified her decision not testify before the panel. >>>

Cilla Black to host Iranian Blind Date.
Following the success of Naked TV’s Islamic launch last week Iran national TV yesterday announced the pilot of the countries first ever “Blind Date” program.
Iranian Blind date will exactly copy the successful format of existing Blind Date programs worldwide where a suitor questions three women hidden behind a screen and from their answers chooses the one woman he will date.

Blair to create US-Style everything
UK Prime Minister Tony Blair yesterday reiterated his intentions to create a US-style supreme court to replace the current high court, US-style city mayors to replace the current local government infrastructure, n US-style drug Czar to head up customs and excise anti-drug traffic operations. >>>

Bush denies Al Quaida knowledge, says he acted promptly.
Faced with increasing criticism of his treatment of the terrorist threat pre-9-11 President Bush claimed yesterday that though he was repeatedly warned about the threat from Al Quaida he was unaware of the links with Bin Laden. >>>

UK Conservatives offer Labour name-swap
Michael Howard the leader of the UK conservative party yesterday made an official offer to Tony Blair to swap party names.
The move comes in the wake of New Labour’s progressive adoption of Conservative policies and the Conservative party’s own attempts to present itself as socially aware and able to take care of the needs of disenfranchised Labour voters.

Weather Outlook: Melbourne, Australia.



France: Chirac faces up to responsibilities.

Following the stunning defeat of his party in France’s regional elections, Jacques Chirac the president yesterday said that he had “Heard the message from the people, loud and clear.”

The election results, the most complete reversal of voting intention between two elections ever recorded in France, changed the political balance of France’s regions from a previous 14/8 balance in favour of Chirac’s conservative party to a 21/1 balance in favour of the socialists.
“The message from the people is clear.” Chirac told BIGfib. “The people were forced to vote for me in the last election in order to beat the extreme right National Front party, but the truth is that they hate me, they want me out.”
“That is the message the people have sent, and I have received that message loud and clear and will act in consequence.”

It is expected that President Chirac who has clearly stated that he has no intention of resigning will sack everyone else in his cabinet later this week.

UK to offer British military training and arms for Gadafy troops. >>>

Coca-Cola launches rival to French Contrex slimming water. >>>


Welsh Windows never crashes.
Microsoft yesterday admitted that the rumour circulating on bulletin boards: that the company’s Welsh version of Windows, never crashes, is true. >>>.

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